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Dry skin is a common irritant for almost all of us, and using moisturising lotions regularly is an effective strategy for managing it. Research shows that they help in improving skin texture and skin barrier function, while reducing dryness. Their effectiveness varies from people to people, depending on skin types, ingredients of the lotion, and other factors. Here is an overview:

Ingredients to look for in the best lotion for dry skin 

People experience dry skin problems due to loss of moisture resulting from daily activities. Also, as people age, the ability of one’s body to produce natural oils to maintain a moisturised skin decreases, needing additional help (in the form of moisturisers for dry skin). Keeping an eye out for at least one of these ingredients on the label, can ensure that the moisturiser is suitable for dry skin: 

  • Shea butter
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Cocoa butter
  • Glycerine
  • Basil
  • Saffron
  • Almond

Choosing the best lotion for dry skin 

Before choosing a lotion, it is important to think about the current state of the skin and skin type. If there are no medically prohibiting conditions (like allergies), the next step in choosing the best lotion for dry skin is to find one that contains the right ingredients – like non-clogging ones (known as non-comedogenic) for an oilier skin type so that pores are not clogged. 

Once the type of lotion for dry skin is selected, it is important to consider other skin goals: For example, hyaluronic acid-based ones that help to reduce inflammation while also moisturising dry skin and mineral oil, petroleum jelly, and beeswax are best for those with skin allergies. If skin rejuvenation is the goal because of ageing or exposure to sunlight, then an advanced anti-ageing skincare cream that contains collagen, elastin, and keratin can be a good option. 

Fragrance and consistency 

While the smell and consistency have very little to do with nourishing the skin, they can impact on the usage of the lotion, since wearing a lotion daily is important for ensuring optimum results. If a lotion feels too greasy or doesn’t moisturise enough, using it regularly may not be likely.

If one is sensitive to smells, opting for an unscented lotion is a safe option. Also, fragrances can worsen allergies in some. There are choices available in terms of consistency too, as lotions with oils have a greasy feel, while lotions based on glycerine are thick and creamy. Since preferences defer when it comes to consistency, choosing something that feels comfortable for regular use is essential. 

Frequency of moisturisation

Once the right lotion for dry skin is found, using it every day is important. Having a fixed schedule can help in preventing dry skin and even camouflaging wrinkles (an advanced anti-ageing skincare regimen can work in addition to the moisturisation in such cases).  Also, lotions work better if they’re applied to damp skin. Keeping to a regimen and applying lotion daily can keep the skin looking young and healthy for long.

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