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Collagen Facial Kit - Anti Aging Spa Facial
CA$ 149.99
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Staying beautiful forever is a perennial worry for women the world over and they wouldn’t mind shelling out a bomb to stay youthful for as long as possible. Natures Essence offers value for money with its special Collagen facial a gift of nature to retain youthfulness virtually forever.

Collagen Facial is high on the Vit C count is which is essential for the synthesis of Collagen and is a great anti oxidant which helps to reduce skin damage caused by free radicals thereby delaying the ageing process.

Collagen facial is a high end spa treatment. Collagen is a protein found in skin, bone and other connective tissues which provides structure and fairness to facial skin. As ageing scars collagen does not reproduce as quickly leading to wrinkles, dull, furrowed skin. It is good to restore youthful appearance with fairer rehydrated and rejuvenated skin. It is must for any women and man wants to sy one step ahead of their biological clock.

1) Rehydrating Cleanser :  Gently rub the cleanser on the face & neck area in circular movements for 5-6 min. and then rinse with warm water.

2) Detoxifying Exfoliator : Apply cream scrub on the face, neck & back of neck. Leaving eye area gently rub fingertips for 4-5 min. and clean.

3) Collagen Cream : Apply cream on the face and neck massage gently for 8-10 min. till it absorbs completely.

4) Collagen Pack : Apply the pack on the face and neck leaving the eye area and leave it for 15 min. Clean with moist cotton. Use Rose Tonic Skin Toner for refreshing face after the pack.

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